Tha God

by 7K Tha God

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Hook [7K Tha God]:
Bitch, I'm the God,
Bitch, Bitch, I'm the God, X2

Verse 1 [7K Tha God]:
Mo Money make you wanna be me don't it X4

Born and raised with nothing til I got that trap money,
Used to be sad but now I look like I think everythin funny
More in diamonds on my wrist than you made from your job
To fuck I bitch I pull up say get in and pull off

They call me Peter Parker cause I'm webbing bitches
Got her screaming spraying many different liquids
Slam that bitch down i fuck her with my Foams on
I bust a nut before she get my name I'm gone

That make money make you really wanna be don't it,
See they can hate but can't deny that they want it
messages piling up hoes catching feelings,
But I'm to busying fucking different hoes and counting millions

My life is like a dream somebody please pinch me,
Triple these Gs in a week with ease and do it simply
Spending 4 thou a week on weed puffing like a chimney
Sour diesel, purple kush. Stardawg mix it all up in me


Verse 2 [7K Tha God]:
The more I get it make you wanna be me don't it
Money is nothing whatever i get it if I want it
Cause i'm Tha God get on your knees when you see me
Believe me they kneeling to see a legend breathing

My weed, my reefer is super supreme and
It's taking straight out higher than the ceiling
This evening, I'm meeting this hoe named Tasha for beating
And eating pussy and arsehole receiving, then leaving,

I'm leaving, only minutes after skeeting no sleeping,
grinding making money stacking paper daily, heaping
Money up, counting it to help me with my sleeping
If enemies want beef you know I'm packing heat then,

No hesitation to release them and leave a small black glove at the scene on my OJ Simpson, fuck prison
Living my actual life is better than your dreams times five
You guy can hate I'm gonna make cake and ride. Bitches



released September 17, 2016



all rights reserved


7K Tha God Manchester, New Hampshire

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